津南マミーズ 寒仕込みおかき6個セット

無添加で懐かしいこだわりの手作りおかき(塩味×2個 醤油味×2個 カレー味×2個)Tsunan Mammy’s Handmade okaki (6 pack set)

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ビールのお供や子供のおやつに!無添加で懐かしい手作りおかき Handmade “Kanjikomi” okaki (rice crackers) made with no preservatives that pair well with beer and a safe snack for children.

ふんわり、サクサク後を引く、寒仕込みおかき Light and crunchy okaki rice crackers made from glutinous rice by the “Kanjikomi” method.

Kanjikomi is a traditional process taken by farmers where processing food is done only the cold winter temperatures. In this way they hand make okaki. In the midst of winter when humidity is at its lowest, rice cakes are naturally dried, intensifying the delicious rice flavors that artificial drying cannot obtain. Then deep fried to a fluffy crunchy texture which almost melts in your mouth. The gently, salted okaki allows you to taste the sweetness of the rice. The iconic soy sauce flavored ones leave you with a wonderful roasted taste. From requests from Tsunan Mammy’s customers, the Japanese curry flavor was born. The slightly spicy and savory okaki is airbrushed with spices and soy sauce, making it flavor you can only get in Japan. These threeflavors are loved by all ages and make great beer snacks.

農家の女性グループが守る保存食が息づく雪国の食文化 A group of women in the farming industry continue the traditional way of preserving food in a snowy country.

Tsunan, Niigata prefecture is a town bordering Nagano prefecture and has one of the highest annual snowfalls in Japan. Tsunan Mammy’s is a group of women who strive to share their knowledge of their traditional local food culture therefore, with much love and care, they spare no effort to make each specialized product using the wisdom handed down from their ancestors.
“In snow countries, there is a deep rooted culture of unique food preservation. The food culture that used to be a norm in Japan is disappearing so I want to pass down this tradition before it dies out”, said the group’s representative Misako Oike. (Photo-Far left) It is with this passion, delicious okaki is made.


私たちの3つのこだわり Our three unique qualities

1 無添加にこだわる昔ながらの寒仕込み Old-fashioned kanjikomi (cold season preparation) with no additives

In Tsunan, one of the areas with the heaviest snowfall in Japan, the tradition of kanjikomi (‘cold season preparation’) has been around for a long time. You probably heard the term `kanjikomi` used for brewing sake but it is also used to prepare miso, soy sauce, dried rice cakes among other things. From January to February, in the midst of winter, preparation takes place so that without the use of preservatives the item can be stored for a long period and allowing you to enjoy the umami of natural ingredients throughout the year. Kanjikomi is not only ingredient preservation method, but also has a firm place in the food culture of the northern parts of Japan that has been handed down to produce delicious food that's gentle on your digestive system.

2 自家栽培のブランドもち米を加工・販売 Growing, processing and selling their brand glutinous rice (mochi rice)

Tsunan is a place famous for delicious rice. For short grain rice, the Koshihikari brand is popular as well as the local glutinous rice called “kogane mochi”. Tsunan Mammy’s make their okaki from local grown kogane mochi rice bringing out the best of flavors without the use of artificial seasonings.

3 油の使いまわしはしない The oil used to deep fry is changed daily

When frying the okaki, the oils is not reused and changed on a daily basis. Cooking oils are fragile and oxidation begins as soon as it is exposed to oxygen, heat or moisture. These okaki are long lasting, light and crispy and do not weigh heavily in your stomach.

商品の詳細 Product details

商品名 Product name 寒仕込みおかき6個セット Handmade Kanjikomi okaki (6 pack set)
内容量または固形量及び内容送料 Size 70g×6個(塩味×2個 醤油味×2個 カレー味×2個)@2.5oz×6 packs (Slightly salted-2 packs; soy sauce-2 packs and Japanese curry flavor-2 packs. A total of 6 packs per set)
アレルギー Allergens (according to Japanese allergen chart) 無し None
生産地・地域 Made in 新潟県 Niigata, Japan
配送方法・配送業者 ヤマト運輸
発送日(目安) 5営業日以内に発送いたします。
保存の方法 Storage 常温 Room temperature


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